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We are proud of our diverse and inclusive environment. Anyone who loves to write, including emerging writers, professional authors, editors, technical writers, or those who write simply for personal pleasure, will feel write at home here!

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Are you a writer or an aspiring writer in the Ottawa region? Have you ever had a burning desire to write a novel or memoir? Do you have an interest in connecting with fellow writers, artists, and thinkers in the Nation’s Capital? Do you want to work on your writing craft in a supportive environment, as well as network with people in the publishing and writing business?

If so, then OIW is for you!


Newsletters featuring new releases, competitions and member submissions
Entry to virtual monthly general meetings that feature amazing writers
 A venue to promote your work and make special announcements at the beginning of member meetings

◑ Books featured on OIW authors' page

◑ Discounts on special events and workshop fees

◑ Access to holiday and end-of-year parties

◑ Opportunity to be published in OIW’s annual anthology

A copy of OIW’s annual anthology

From September to June, OIW’s monthly meetings feature talented writers and professionals as guest speakers. Be part of Canada’s literary scene by joining now!


You get so many benefits with your membership, such as:

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