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Submissions open for 2023!

Deadline is

March 31st, 2023

OIW 2023 Anthology season now open!

This year, the theme will be Connections. 

Our lives are built on connections: with family, friends, colleagues, pets.

Connections to the earth, connections to our past; connections to homes and homelands, ideas, philosophies, groups... connections to past lives or spirits, even to alien beings!

We have lost connections (like through COVID), found connections... we all need to be connected to something or someone for our sanity and survival.

The deadline for submissions is March 31, 2023.

You must be a full-time or senior member of OIW with a valid annual membership in order to submit. 

Please review all Submission Guidelines on the website before submitting your stories and poems. We look forward to our members’ innovative, thoughtful and memorable entries. 

Happy writing!

Painting: Human Connections I, by Lena Bera-Pancini

OIW’s crowning glory is the annual anthology of short stories and poems written by our diverse and creative members.

Fiction, non-fiction, science fiction, humour, memoir, poetry, plays… we welcome all genres. We also look for opportunities to publish the works of our younger members when possible.


Submissions are open to all full-time and senior OIW members. Join now and have a chance to showcase your writing in the 2023 anthology. 

OIW members receive a free copy of the anthology as a membership perk.

Deadline to submit is March 31st, 2023.

More details on the guidelines and process are outlined below. 

Questions? Email our Editor-in-Chief anytime:

Please read carefully before submitting



Our theme for last year's 2022 anthology was Ottawa Rising, showcasing stories of hope, overcoming adversity, and embracing humanity. And did our authors deliver!

Pour yourself a refreshing drink, sit back, and dive into creative stories of hope, redemption, humour and rebirth. Ottawa Rising salutes our city and its people - from a moonlit skate on the Rideau Canal to a dystopian Experimental Fram, slushy downtown streets to glorious green spaces - tales of young and old, meaningful awakenings, far-off places and much more. Meet an insightful robotic janitor, enter a portal to a mirrored world, admire artistic greats, journey to an idyllic Greek childhood or a musical Irish pub! Indigenous peoples, embattled Ukrainians and immigrants to Canada are all honoured here. 

2022 Anthology

Ottawa Rising
OIW's 2022 anthology

A few copies are still available. $10 each. Click to order.

Shipping is additional. When you order please mention if you are able to pick up your copies or you want them delivered. We will quote you a shipping price based on Canada Post fees. 


long year.jpg

Short Stories for a Long Year (2020)

Stories and poems have a way of transporting our minds to another place, making us feel something we have never felt, while informing and entertaining. Ottawa Independent Writers selected twenty-nine member submissions for Short Stories for a Long Year, and created a diverse offering to suit every literary taste. As headline-grabbing events continue to unfold around us during this period of dynamic change, there has never been a better time to enjoy the power of words.


Authors: Eleanor Abra, Tanya Bailey, Robert Barclay, Alex Binkley, Anna Blauveldt, Martin Bueno-de-Mesquita, Scott Bury, L.D, Cross, Barbara Florio Graham, Angelo Fulco, Joe Italiano, Susan A. Jennings, Majid Kafai, Peggy Lehmann, Sylvia Melba McGee, Tamara Miller, Keith Newton, Molly O'Connor, Ian Prattis, Norm Rosolen, Philip Schubert, Jagjeet Sharma, Ralph Smith,  Margaret Southall, Fika Taillon, Maggie Taylor, Susan Taylor Meehan, Rem Westland and Lisa Zanyk.

OIW Anthology.jpg

A 24 of Tales (2019)

Running the gamut of fiction and non-fiction, delving into speculation and introspection, and exploring the future, past and the present, A Two-four of Tales has something for all tastes. These stories provide a fine illustration of the diversity of talent among local writers. With wit, poignant moments and grand sweeps of imagination, these stories will offer an enjoyable escape into prose.

Authors: Eleanor Abra, Bob Barclay, Alex Binkley, Anna Blauveldt, Martin Bueno, Barbara Florio Graham, Angelo Fulco, Joe Italiano, Susan A. Jennings, Majid Kafai, Peggy Lehmann, Tamara Miller, Jill Morningstar-Janzen, Meghan Negrijn, Keith Newton, Ian Prattis, Kelly Raab, Norm Rosolen, Ralph Smith, Stevie Szabad, Maggie Taylor, Susan Taylor Meehan, and Rem Westland.   

Cover Final 1 szd Front.jpg

Twenty in Eighteen (2018)

With the theme of short fiction and carte blanche as to content, we threw out a challenge to OIW members for their 2018 anthology submissions. In response, our authors found twenty very different ways of answering the call: twenty stories to share in this eighteenth year of the new millennium. The tales here range from history to futuristic speculation, from personal memoir to wry comedy, and many other themes besides. Together, they provide ample testimony to the versatility and energy of their authors, and a deep appreciation of the talent that OIW boasts among its membership.

Authors: Ian Prattis, Norm Rosolen, Barbara Florio Graham, Martin Bueno, Eleanor Abra, Robert Barclay, Rick Prashaw, Gladys Galay, Majid KafaÏ, Susan Taylor Meehan, Keith Newton, Maggie Taylor, P. Andrew Power, Peggy Lehmann, Kelley Raab, Meghan Negrijn, David Huffman, Susan Jennings, Tanya Bailey, Benoit Chartier. 


Ottawa One Five O (2017)

Introduction by the Mayor of Ottawa, Jim Watson


Authors: Eleanor Abra, Bob Barclay, Martin Bueno, Benoit Chartier, Judith Cowan, Benardette Cox, Janet Fenwick, Barbara Florio Graham, Gladys Galay, Bill Horne, David Huffman, Darren Jerome, Hazel Johnson, Majid (Abdol) Kafai, Peggy Lehmann, Meghan Negrijn, Keith Newton, Molly O’Connor, Ian Prattis, Norm Rosolen, Maria Saba, Philip Schubert, Margaret Southall, Louise Szabo, Maggie Taylor, Susan Taylor Meehan, Alberte Villeneuve, Nix Wadden and Remmelt Westland


Thirty at Thirty: Thirty Stories, Thirty Years (2016)

Thirty years ago, a disparate group of Ottawa writers decided it was time to get together. The initiators of Ottawa Independent Writers represented the compete range of literature:  novelists (in many genres), poets, speechwriters, historians, journalists, essayists and many more. There continues to be a great deal of talent in OIW; some writers are beginners, others have years of writing experience, and some are starting to write after long experience in other fields. Every story, essay and poem in this anthology demonstrates the members’ craft and skill.. 

Authors: Silvia Alfaro, Robert Barclay, Benoit Chartier, Jessica Clarke, Barbara Florio Graham, Gladys Galay, Qais Ghanem, Nevin Humphrey, Susan A. Jennings, HazelJohnson, Majid (Abdol) Kafai, Mary Ellen Kot, PeggyLehmann, Keith Newton, Molly O’Connor, Ian Prattis, Norm Rosolen, Raeanne G. Roy, Laurie Stewart, Maggie Taylor, Susan Taylor Meehan, Raymond Tremblay and Remmelt Westland.


Sprouts - The Trillium Anthology

Authors: Tom Shoebridge, Jennifer McClung, Laurel Douma, Brian Hughes, Gianmarco Biasone, Roxana Puia, Laura Greenberg, Alex Gheorghe, Gemma Villanueva, Paul Dwulit, Catherine Joyce, Joe Cousineau, Colleen Leminski, Kimberley Lorente, Jeremy English, Sarah Moffat, Sabine Platzer-Gibbins, Krista Ferraro, Stacey-Ann Morris, Amy McCulloch, Amanda Hutchins, Carissa Di Gangi, Siân Rochefort, Adam Lim, Owen Hewitt, Ruxandra Lungu, Barbara Jane Heath, Jon Pierce, Rosaleen Geraghty, Stephen Gower, Cristina S. Gheorghe, Lisa Wong, LM Rochefort.

Anthologies prior to 2012

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