2021 OIW Book Launch Authors

On June 15, 2021, OIW held a virtual book launch to celebrate the release of members' latest publications.

Find your next great read among our talented local writers. 

Watch the book trailer here or scroll down to watch a video for the full event.


I am Jack

This delightful children's book tells the true story of the beloved family pet dog, Jack. 

Astona Nahimana

101 Paper Cuts

Go on a topsy-turvy ride in 101 poems that tackle loss, self discovery, insecurities, love, hate and the beauty of it all.

Tod Book cover 2020.jpg

David Gray

Deep and Sheltered Waters:
The History of Tod's Inlet

A fascinating piece of Canadian history is retold by one of Canada's most prodigious explorers, David Gray. Tod's Inlet was his boyhood playground until the day he discovered the human history buried in its shores.

Eleanor Abra

In the Writing Desk

A collection of poems and short stories exploring family and conflicts with the world beyond. This book is meant for anyone who is interested in how families create their own history.


Past, Present, Future; Stories that Haunt

The wisdom gained through the three phases of this collection of short stories, must be applied to our damaged planet if homo-sapiens are to survive and still have a home called Earth. 


These poems are about raw human emotions that are so embedded in our beings and relatable in this hemisphere and around the world.


Ridley's War

The second book in the Colin McDermott mysteries, set 60 years earlier when Burt Ridley goes back to Yorkshire for his WWII reunion with a young George Ridley. 

The mysterious death of an elderly veteran at the reunion leads DI McDermott to look into events during the Second World War, and whether a killer is still on the loose.

Dancing with my Father

Dancing captures vast historical forces within the workings of a single family, tracing an adolescent's flight from Nazi Vienna to Ireland and later Canada. Not only a record of the horror of the Holocaust, it is a thought-provoking exploration of heritage and how identity is formed.


Rosita's Way

Born into the poverty of a rural barrio in South America, Rosita yearns to leave for a life in the city. She becomes infatuated with an officer. All does not go well. A fascinating read with many twists and colorful characters.

Jon Peirce

Love and Love

If you like traditional boy-girl romances, especially if you have a weakness for tennis and funky old New York hotels, this could just be the book for you. When former tennis partners reunite in the publishing business after several decades apart, sparks certainly fly-- but will they be enough to reignite the fire?


The Girl with the Green Hair and the Dragon with the Secret Name

Dena hates being different from the other girls, and wishes she didn't have green hair. Can rescuing an old woman's dragon change all that?

K.B. Sprague

Out of the Grey

Technology exists, but is forbidden. Some believe a return to the old ways will lead to the end of humankind. Hadamard must prepare now for the coming doom before it is too late – even if that sparks an all-out war with neighboring territories. A war his people cannot hope to win.

KSprague_ Grey small.jpg

Kyle Bentley

The Nightmare Schematic

Since he was a child, Connor has dreamt of horrible machines. Everything changes when his dreams reveal a new machine, a miraculous device that brings hope instead of terror, and could save humanity from the many threats facing our modern world. Connor sets to work immediately, desperate to know the truth. The Nightmare Schematic is the debut novel of Canadian author Kyle Bentley, and the first book in The Age of Entropy series.

Millie and Max
A Little Tale for Big People

Can Millie, a four foot inch mouse, conquer her fears and find a new home?  Is Max the black cat big enough to take Millie into his heart? 

Unconditional Love Poems Book Cover.jpg

Unconditional Love Poems

This wise and moving poetry collection explores the depth of love in many forms, from romance and desire to family to women's shared experience. The theme of unconditional love is universal to women as lovers, and mothers, and through shared sisterhood. These poems reveal a vulnerability that is basic and essential to the act of loving and the quality of pain brought on by loving too much.

23 Voices of Adopted Youth

Listening to youth's passionate and honest accounts about their life experiences reveals what all parents and caregivers need to hear.


Michelle Sabad

First We Eat.
Food, Life and More Stories

Yummy! FIRST WE EAT is a humorous, charming memoir of tales from life as an army brat, Air Force wife, and hockey mom. Not your mother's recipe book. 

Mike James

Hollywood House

Two Long Island teenagers grow up in a racially charged world during the late 70's, with high hopes of making it big with their band Hollywood House in the emerging underground music genre called 'hip-hop'.


Trevor Tractor
Morty the Morton Street Bus
Stuck On Me

Molly O'Connor's three new books are repeat winners. Written to appeal to children ages 2 - 9 years old, parents will love these books too!

Ralph Smith

Concession Street Secrets

In Ottawa, 1868, desperate to help her friend Alex who is accused of murder, Eliza Malkins sheds her identity as a woman and takes on the persona of Timothy Fairlight, detective.


Rebecca's Journey

This touching autobiography tells the story of a young Rebecca living under Soviet rule in the 1970's, dealing with the bread lines, KGB raids, and violent anti-semitism. But it is also about the courage to be who you are.

Nobody Cares

Whether it was during the assault upon Jessica twenty years ago, or the threatened destruction of her life today, nobody seems to care. She desperately needs help to survive, but the only person she deeply trusts will soon be dead.

Cover Front Done sz.jpg

Henry VIII's Motorcycle
A Tale of Two Trumpets

An analysis of current practice in trumpet-playing in the baroque orchestra, with emphasis upon the promotion and dissemination of a false narrative regarding the authenticity of the instruments. Discussion of historical methods of manufacture, creating reproductions, and preservation and use of historic instruments.

Scott Bury

Children of the 7th Son

In Book 2 of the 'Dark Age' trilogy, a young barbarian settles in Constantinople and finds himself the last line of defence of human civilization against the deepest forces of the earth. At the same time, he deals with the greatest challenge of all humans: raising a family.


Susan A. Jennings

Believing Her Lies

Susan Jennings third book in the Lavender Cottage Series is now available. 

Rumours and lies challenge Katie and Dr. Piers Bannister’s passionate romance and threaten a vulnerable Katie and the good doctor’s integrity. Set at Katie’s Lavender Cottage B&B, in a quaint English village, on the shores of a busy and vibrant narrowboat marina.

Letters from Johnny

It is 1970, Toronto. Eleven-year old Johnny writes letters in his journal to hockey legend Dave Keon hoping to make sense of a recent murder, his friendship wih Rollie, his absent father, and the FLQ crisis. The letters are filled with heart, humour and absolutely in the voice of a child. Wayne Ng has written a novel that people of all ages can relate to and enjoy.


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1. John Gray

2. Rem (RC) Westland

3. Molly O'Connor

4. David Gray

5. Ralph Smith

6. Jagjeet Sharma

7. Jo Sorochinsky

8. Dr. Ian Prattis

9. Lori Rosove

10. Jim Napier

11. Laurie Campbell

12. Astona Nahimana

13. Wayne Ng

14. Regina Gershman

15. Anna Myatt

16. Kyle Bentley

17. Scott Bury

18. Mike James