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First OIW Guest Speaker for 2020 -- Patricia McCarthy!

Patricia McCarthy

Patricia McCarthy is a former member of OIW, and well-known to a number of us in this room. For those of you who met her met her for the first time on January 21, she is the author of the popular “Crimson Fantasy ” urban vampire series, several books of erotic poetry including Vulgar Verse and Mounting the Bedpost – which is an exploration of feminine sexuality – and a number of short stories. As a Canadian writer, she is polite in the extreme and has a day job, but warns that her urban paranormal novels are anything but politically correct. As far back as 2007, Ottawa’s CityJournal urban Newspaper pegged her as a Wicked Vamp – Oh, Patricia, really? – and her writing as raw, rude and romantic. One reader even suggested she has psychological problems.

It might be her Edmonton roots, but Ottawa’s Fang Queen definitely has a dark side. In 2012 she told Open Book Ontario: "My writing office is my bedroom. Where else would an author of erotic vampire novels work? These gin & tonic pot-boilers, as I fondly call them, save me the trouble of serving prison time for infanticide." She also likes to say that the world of vampires chose her, not the other way around.

Any way you dice it, Patricia has a deliciously warped imagination, a fearless writing style, and a wonderfully honest wit. If I may quote from her first novel, The Crimson Man:

"OK, now you've piqued my interested," she replied."

You're not involved with anyone?"

"Alas, I'm an unclaimed treasure," she answered.

He liked her light-hearted humour.

We had quite a roomful on hand and it was a great way to kick off 2020 in true OIW style (Patricia is an “indie author,” after all), but in case you were unable to attend, she has kindly shared her PowerPoint presentation with us (see Events page). She took questions and comments from us throughout her well-received presentation, which gave us much to think about especially regarding all the subgenres associated with her chosen craft.

She also contributed a copy of her latest Crimson Fantasy book (No. 6) for a door prize. (Thank you, Patricia.)

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