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Adam, Christopher

I Have Demons

Author: Christopher Adam

A jaded young priest of a dwindling parish faces a man with a terrible secret. A lonely pensioner spends a Thanksgiving she’ll never forget at a local diner, served by an acerbic waitress who has finally found her ticket out of there. A recent university graduate from small-town Ontario leaves home with nothing to his name but the hope of a new life in the city and places all his trust in a charismatic yet dubious life coach. Lyrical language, at times haunting, and moments of dry humour weave through the three novellas in this collection. Set in and around Ottawa, Ontario, these stories examine the peripheries of society. In the characters’ journey toward the centre, they navigate flawed human relationships, seek to encounter a divine presence that is at once implicitly present yet dreadfully distant, and struggle to negotiate the conditions of redemption.


ISBN: 978-1771803007


Available: Books on Beechwood in Ottawa and on Amazon, Indigo and Barnes & Noble. 



Ault, Murray


View from the Deck Arctic Adventures: Recollections of the 10th Annual Voyage of the CGS C.D. Howe, 1959.

Author: Murray Ault

Synopsis: View from the Deck is a personal account of the adventures of an 18-year-old on the CGS C.D. Howe—a hospital ship equipped to meet the medical needs of the Inuit (Eskimo) during an era defined by a high incidence of tuberculosis, the Cold War and a changing way of life— and those who sailed with her during the summer of 1959. It stands as a look back in time of the people, places and events as they occurred in the Canadian Arctic. These are recollections painted on a backdrop of an inhospitable landscape of snow, glacial ice, and wide expanses of cold sea. Scenes recorded in memory few from the south have experienced. A youthful and unique perspective of the mysteries of North. When one mentions far northern places such as Grise Fiord, Sam Ford Fiord, and Jones Sound the reaction of the listener is seen as one of mystical wonder. There exist numerous stories from those who have travelled, worked, and fallen in love with the mysteries surrounding the 'land of the midnight sun, further enhancing the fascination and enigma of the north. pp. 180 

ISBN: 978-1-77123-089-6

Price: $20

Available: Perfect Books and Books on Beechwood in Ottawa, Mill Street Books in Almonte and The Book Nook and Treasures in Perth. Copies for sale available from the author.

Contact: Murray Ault

Bacila, Carlos

The Life of Dale Carnegie

Author: Carlos Bacila

In this book, Carlos Roberto Bacila traveled across America following in the steps of Dale Carnegie, discovering how Carnegie's life can teach just as much as his books can.  This work traces Carnegie's life, from poverty and solitude to fame, riches, and the meeting between his own philosophy of living, which came from classical pragmatism and is aimed at personal success. 309p. ISBN 9781549957017 . AMAZON.COM. Price ebook: US$ 2,86. Paperback: US$ 7,60

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Bailey, Tanya

Vividly Diverse Haikus

Author: Tanya Bailey

Tanya Baileys first book of Poetry. Inspired by her magnetic views of life's existential expressions and its impact as a need for freedom

Contact email:

Published by Ardith

ISBN 978-1-55483-996-4

Poetical Veering

Author: Tanya Bailey

Tanya Bailey is a writer of poetry with two books under her wing. That includes her first book Vividly Diverse Haikus and her recent installment Poetical Veering. Her words of rhythm and rhyme can and will stir the hope towards individual and community connections.



Barclay, Bob

Triple Take: a Museum Story

Author: Robert Barclay

Synopsis: What is it about this collection of native artifacts, the focus of a major museum’s holdings? How can curators, native people and museum visitors hold such different views? A mysterious string of thefts occurs, followed by a catastrophic fire and raids by rights activists. All this in a milieu of scheming, manipulation and evil. All ingredients for an intricate tale of deception, substitution, trickery and vengeance. 208 pp. 

ISBN: 978-0-9867879-0-4 (hard copy), 978-0-9867879-1-1 (E-book)

Price: $17.95 CDN/US; £11.95 UK (hard copy); $5.00 CDN (E-book)

Available: Hard Copy: or by order through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. E-Book:

Contact: 613-737-0371; 3609 Downpatrick Road Ottawa, ON K1V 9P4;

Death at the Podium

Author: Robert Barclay

Synopsis: The sudden collapse of a maestro in the middle of a popular classical symphony is a tragic affair. But when it happens again and yet again, with increasing violence, in orchestras around the world, fear spreads throughout the music community. Why are classical music maestros being targeted, and by whom? Meanwhile, a research scientist has uncovered strange results when monitoring experimental subjects playing music, and it appears that some sinister mechanism may be responsible for the deaths. An oboist with a small town orchestra, who carries a dark and painful secret, is recruited to assist with the research, and he and his violinist girlfriend become entangled in a mesh of fear and anguish This musical mystery science-fiction love story weaves the daily workings of a symphony orchestra into the intricacies of scientific research, culminating in a dramatic quest to prevent the deaths at the podium and to expose the truth. 284 pp. 

ISBN: 978-0-9867879-2-8)

Price: $17.95

Available: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords

Contact: 613-737-0371; 3609 Downpatrick Road Ottawa, ON K1V 9P4;

Ask Me About My Bombshells

Author: Robert Barclay

Synopsis: Gunpowder and cocaine make uncomfortable companions. A love affair over the mortars and Roman candles is disrupted by the imaginative schemes of a biker gang boss. Julia, granddaughter of a commercial pyrotechnician, falls for Rocco, sixth generation scion of a competing firework company, only to discover that her innocent romantic partner has been drawn into a network of drug-traffickers through coercion and blackmail. Meanwhile, activists with a strange agenda are attempting to disrupt firework shows and are leading the police in frustrating circles. Sabotage, subterfuge, police raids, mix-ups and theft lead through an intricate gunpowder plot to an explosive thunderclap of a finale. 240 pp. 

ISBN: 978-0-9936881-0-2

Price: $17.95

Available:, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

Contact:;; 613.737.0371

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Bériault, Robert A.

Sailor Without a Boat: How I Sailed on Other People's Yachts and Lived to Tell About It

Author: Robert A. Bériault

Synopsis: Robert Bériault drew upon a decade of sailing adventures to write his book. Sailor tells the story of how he chases after his dream. Candid, humorous advice is interspersed with hilarious tales as he recounts the idiosyncrasies of his skippers and fellow sailors. Among his many adventures, Bériault crews from Halifax to Martinique for a “cowboy” who abuses of boat and crew. Searching the Internet for a transatlantic crossing, he almost sets out to sea with a Captain Bligh before jumping ship; enjoys paradise islands such as the Tobago Cays and the Gardens of the Queen, but is boarded by gun-toting pirates in Margarita; almost experiences an exploding yacht at sea; comes close to sinking in the middle of the Caribbean; is embroiled in steamy soap operas and fights 30-foot seas when crossing the Atlantic with Canada’s renowned Derek Hatfield on his Open 60. All this without having owned a sailboat! 

ISBN: 978-1466436138

Price: $21.95

Available: The author's website, The Chandlery, Books on Beechwood, Nautical Mind, Amazon

Contact: Robert A. Bériault, 819-561-4686;; 4-895 rue de l'Oasis, Gatineau, QC J8R 2W7

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Binkley, Alex

Humanity’s Saving Grace

Author: Alex Binkley

Synopsis: Having barely avoided self-destruction, an ancient race has expanded to eight other worlds. While the Beings explored Earth numerous times during two centuries with their flying saucers, they didn’t consider the primitive Terrans worth contacting. That changes when their worlds came under attack from a relentless, mysterious foe. The aliens offer to repair Earth’s ravaged environment in exchange for pilots and soldiers to fight their foe. The First Earth Expeditionary Force battles in space and on the ground while trying to comprehend how thousands of humans had been conscripted into fighting for the enemy. Equally puzzling for FEEF is figuring out the motives of robot-like creatures that serve the aliens, and discovering the origin of centuries old ruins on several planets and a seemingly uninhabited community under a protective dome. pp. 250 

ISBN: 978-0-9867879-6-6

Price: $17.95

Available: Loose Cannon Press and Books on Beechwood

Contact: Alex Binkley at;; 613-749-7633, 152 Ivy Crescent, Ottawa K1M 1X6


Bourgeois, Diane

Aimee and Divine Inspiration On a journey

Author: Diane Bourgeois

Synopsis: Aimee, a North American seven-year-old girl, has a dream about a Native American elder woman. The woman speaks about the Hopi tribe prophecy ‘when the earth is dying, there shall arise a new tribe of all colors and all creeds. The tribe shall be called the Warriors of the Rainbow, and it will put its faith in actions, not words.’ Aimee, a member of this tribe of many colors decides to go on an adventure to discover her true nature. She begins her new journey with her boat, Divine Inspiration, who represents the guiding light of her soul. On the river of life, near a waterfall, Mother Earth reveals a vision to Aimee. She’s daydreaming to understand the vision she’s seeing, that represents crossing the rainbow bridge to see the light. Aimee thanks Mother Earth as she continues on the river of life with Divine Inspiration.

Aimee arrives at an island and notices the fairies glittering light in the woods. While playing, laughing, and dancing with the fairies she meets the fairy grandmother Krystal Sapphire the wisdom keeper to teach Aimee how to live in the heart. Aimee is on a quest to learn how to have a balanced relationship with Mother Earth. Seeing a shooting star Aimee makes a wish and silently asks to connect with her soul family so she can feel the joy in her heart. The next day, Aimee sails down the river to a new place and feels an inner whisper from the elder in her previous dream. Aimee listens and understands the stars are within her, not outside of her. She returns to her journey in the direction of a dark cave. Aimee’s afraid of the dark and asks Divine Inspiration for guidance. Divine Inspiration tells her to follow her heart and that the angels will guide her. Trusting the love will cast away the shadows, they both light up their stars of joy within their heart flames to sail through the dark cave. Divine Inspiration says to Aimee ‘’love conquers everything and the energy of the inner voice flows through the heart to create little miracles that look like sparkles of light with many colors’’. On their way out of the cave, Divine Inspiration glides towards the Rainbow Bridge in the horizon and tells Aimee to open yourself to the Great Spirit. Aimee releases her fear and feels the spark of the Creative Force within the Rainbow Bridge.

After her beautiful experience, Aimee hears a whisper ‘Cosmic love is where the Great Spirit speaks. Honor the eternal starlight within. Spread love and gratitude everywhere you go. Love yourself, as you are the stewards of Mother Earth!’ She waves goodbye to her old ways. Divine Inspiration explains to Aimee ‘when you see a whirling Rainbow up in the sky it’s called a Sundog and it’s a message from Great Spirit. Once the rainbow encircles each person’s heart, all will remember Mother Earth.’ Aimee understands her vision from the beginning of the story, she remembers that she is light and the path to the heart is in returning Mother Earth to beauty.

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Bueno, Martin

The Rainbow Alchemist

Author: Martin Bueno

Synopsis: A young girl, Rachel, mutters a mysterious chemical formula in her sleep – is she dreaming or is this message from beyond? Graham, an aspiring politician is caught up in his curiosity in the occult, an obsession which will ultimately decide his career and fate. Eva, Graham’s devoted secretary and companion is skeptical about anything to do with mysticism but finds herself unwittingly drawn into this magical world. Who are the speakers and why do they communicate through Rachel and Lady Sarah, a mannequin who stands proud on the porch of the Old Antique Store? 350 pp. 

ISBN: paperback 978-1-77097-990-1, eBook 978-1-77097-991-8

Price: paperback $20, eBook $5

Available: All Bookstores FriesenPress Chapters, Amazon

Contact:;; 613 729-4164; 474 Hilson Avenue, Ottawa ON K1Z 6C5


Butala, Sharon

2018 Frank Hegyi Award Winner

Where I Live Now

Author: Sharon Butala

When Sharon Butala’s husband, Peter, died unexpectedly, she found herself with no place to call home. Torn by grief and loss, she fled the ranchlands of southwest Saskatchewan and moved to the city, leaving almost everything behind. A lifetime of possessions was reduced to a few boxes of books, clothes, and keepsakes. But a lifetime of experience went with her, and a limitless well of memory—of personal failures, of a marriage that everybody said would not last but did, of the unbreakable bonds of family.

Where I Live Now is published by Simon & Schuster Canada.



Campbell, Laurie

Fiona Flying Fox: Special Agent, and the Mystery at the Rainbow Zoo

Author: Laurie Campbell

There is trouble at the rainbow Zoo. The birds’ and animals’ feathers and fur are turning pink and purple.  Is this a virus, or is someone tampering with the food? Bernice and Bert the blue parrots are frantic. What can they do? This is a case for Fiona Flying Fox, Special Agent. Famous for her case the Barnyard Caper. Can she solve this mystery before its too late? Suitable for big and little sleuths.

Lucy the Lynx

Author: Laurie Campbell

Lucy, a lynx kitten, lives at the Green Ark Sanctuary with her family.   Lucy’s mother’s stories of her Aunt Maude’s travels into the wilds of Alaska, fire her imagination.  She dreams of having her own adventures with Penny the Puffin, her best friend.  The two escape from the Sanctuary, into the big, urban world.  City living is not what Lucy had imagined.  Can the two adapt to this new world?  Lucy not only faces challenges, but she also learns something new about, her friend, Penny the Puffin.  This is a journey, of discovery, for the young and the young-at-heart. 

Gracie's Flights of Fancy

Author: Laurie Campbell

A Little Tale for Big People, written and illustrated by Laurie Campbell.


It is the height of spring. Gracie, a young gosling, is happily feasting with her family. But Gracie’s imagination soon leads to a flight of adventure. it begins with Gracie’s discovery of an abandoned umbrella. Follow Gracie as she sails down the stream. Gracie discovers that life is never what it seems to be, and that there can be surprises around every bend. This book is for the young, and the young-at-heart.


This story was inspired by my encounter in photographing a family of Canada geese. It was a late afternoon in May, just as described at the beginning of this tale. In spring, one’s fancy can turn to many things. And, in my case, it has turned to a flight of fancy, with a good bit of inspiration from one of my favourite stories, The Wind in the Willows.

Tiger Tom Finds a New Song (ebook edition)

Author: Laurie Campbell

Tiger Tom, is a musical cat. He can sing, dance, and play the piano with his tail, with his toes, and with his eyes closed. But Tiger Tom, cannot remember the words to his songs. Every time he tries to sing, the words get muddled, and he turns blue. How does a swinging cat, cure himself of the blues? 


An invitation from his friend Penguin Pete, to join him at Rio’s Carnival, marks the beginning of Tiger Tom’s amazing, musical adventures. Tiger Tom’s travels take him from to the Falkland Islands, to Bolivia, and Chile. Find out if the cure for the blues can be found in South America.  A tale for the young, and the young-at-heart. (ebook edition)

Tiger Tom Finds a New Song

Laurie Campbell

Tiger Tom is a musical cat. He can sing, dance, and play the piano with his tail, his toes, and with his eyes closed. But Tiger Tom cannot remember the words to his songs. Every time he tries to sing, the words get muddled, and he turns blue. This makes him very blue. How does  a swinging cat cure himself of the blues?


An invitation from his friend Penguin Pete to join him at Rio’ s Carnival marks the beginning of Tiger Tom’s musical quest. His travels take him from the Falkland Islands to Bolivia and Chile. Find out if the cure for the blues can be found in South America. (Print edition)

What Do Teddy Bears Eat

Laurie Campbell


What do teddy bears like to eat?  This is important to know, in caring for your family of bears.  If you want to keep them active and maintain their shiny coats and bright eyes, this book is for you. 


Seven bears reveal their favourite meals and dishes.   No cold cereal or burgers and fries for these discerning gourmands.  Mounds off steaming porridge buried under layers of yoghurt and smothered with maple syrup is more their style.  Polar Berry Floats,  Rainbow soup, and a tea party fit for a queen, are some of the mouth-watering treats you will discover inside this book. 

This book will stimulate the taste buds of your little bears, and provide ideas of what to serve their guests.


Buffy's Big Cat Door

Laurie Campbell

Buffy begins his life as a tiny, premature kitten.   But Buffy grows into a playful, energetic kitten.  Once he leaves his house through the cat door,  Buffy wants to make new friends. His attempt at bringing Squeak the Squirrel into the house meets with the disapproval of Margret, his mistress. But Buffy remains undaunted in trying to make friends. His fortune changes after a nocturnal visit with Horace, an owl, who grants him a wish. Buffy, wishes that he can have lots of friends.  His wish comes true. Buffy’s life is filled with more adventures, then he ever expected, especially, when his new friends decide to come through the cat door to visit him in the house.   What could possibly go wrong?

Michele Charrier

Five Days

Author: Michele Charrier

On the eve of her 50th birthday, Madeline St-Laurent is facing the indisputable fact that her life is more than half over. Neglected by her husband and lonely, the accomplished translator has all but disappeared under the weight of family responsibilities and personal neglect. With encouragement from her best friend, Maddie embarks on an ambitious program to reinvent herself and perhaps save her loveless marriage. In less than a year she undergoes a stunning metamorphosis that reinvigorates her dull life and tests her appetite for physical risk, improbable encounters, and dubious relationships. This highly entertaining novel follows Maddie’s wildly unpredictable journey from the pristine Quebec Laurentians, to the jagged Irish coast and to the gritty city of Belfast. Suspenseful, gripping and filled with complex characters, this is an engaging read from beginning to end.

The Precious Stone of Greed

Author: Michele Charrier

Maddie and Aidan are looking forward to a comfortable and quiet life in Mont-Tremblant, following their ordeal in Ireland. The couple’s plans are temporarily thwarted when an urgent call from an old friend sends them thousands of miles west to Burma, and the epicenter of a catastrophic earthquake. Among the debris and destruction, and hidden deep in the country’s unforgivable landscape, a group of rebels plots the kidnapping of an American humanitarian volunteer to draw attention to the corruption and exploitation of Burma’s most valuable natural resource: Jade. Maddie and a fellow humanitarian co-worker are accidentally swept into the kidnapping scheme. The women’s fate as political hostages is ultimately determined by a corrupt Burmese military commander, inept hostage negotiations, and a web of competing for rebel groups vying for the right to control the country’s wealth.