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Jabour, Gayle Leona






Tigner, Daniel



The Time of Your Life – Everyone Has a Story

Author: Gayle Leona Jabour and Daniel Tigner

Synopsis: Imagine the core insights and experiences of a lifetime normally found in a 300-page biography condensed into four or five pages. The Time of Your Life—Everyone Has a Story recounts the essence of the lives of forty people in their early fifties to late nineties and what it is that makes them who they are. To many, retirement remains a mystery; a shadowy place where people disappear, be silenced and grow old in obscurity. However, to millions living their senior years with gusto, it’s a time rife with opportunity. To ensure that life’s wiser generation have an opportunity to share their stories with the world, two Ottawa writers have collaborated to release a wholly unique, extraordinary and often inspiring book. It’s a testament to how rich and intriguing ‘normal’ people can be: often, we believe that only celebrities are worthy of notice, but this book proves that’s a myth. pp. 288 

ISBN: 978-1-77123-032-2

Price: $24.95

Available: local Ottawa and Eastern Ontario bookstores, Amazon and Chapters, ebook and soft cover

Contact:;; 613-729-3089; cell: 613-295-1352

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Jennings, Karen



HELP! There’s a VEGAN Coming for Dinner!

Author: Karen Jennings

Synopsis: HELP! There's a VEGAN Coming for Dinner provides vegans and non-vegans alike with delicious stress-free choices for dinner. Every recipe in this beautiful book has a colour picture showing the finished dish along with easy to follow instructions and readily available ingredients. There are also useful snippets of information covering topics such as 'Do vegans eat honey?' 'Vegan dairy substitutes' and 'What is a Vegan Anyway?'. Traditionally, food has brought people together at social events and family gatherings. But when someone becomes a vegan, things change. For people who eat a meat-based diet, the thought of entertaining a vegan can be quite overwhelming. HELP! There's a VEGAN Coming for Dinner dispels the myth that vegans are impossible to feed, and has 100 recipes including delights such as not-chicken pot pie, roasted vegetable lasagna, lentil spaghetti bolognaise, apricot and vegetable tagine, and chocolate pudding. pp. 150 

ISBN: 978-0992082604

Price: $22 direct from author

Available: Amazon; Author's website; Perfect Books, 258A Elgin Street Ottawa: website

Contact: Karen Jennings,, blog

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Jennings, Susan A.



The Blue Pendant

Author: Susan A. Jennings

It’s 1913 and times are changing, but not fast enough for naïve, nineteen-year-old Anna as she dares to seek adventurous independence. Inspired by her globe-trotting uncle and his gift of a blue pendant from India, Anna begins her exciting new life as a clerk at the prestigious Sackville Hotel, Bexhill-on-Sea. Reality hits hard and she is thwarted by the love of two beaus, challenged by charm and trickery, bullied by perverted Mr. Pickles, and revered by the fearsome and wealthy Lady Thornton. The Great War brings sadness, but Anna’s dream pivots on the edge of success. But an ocean adventure to Canada is less than fulfilling. The life she yearns for is once again at her fingertips until it is ripped away and she is forced to succumb to a life she hates. Disheartened, Anna runs back to her roots. Death and disappointment prompt her to search for a lost love buried deep within Chicago's secrets. Time is running out. Can a tired and despondent Anna find the strength to finally follow her dreams?



Title: Save Some for Me – Inspiration for single mothers

Author: Susan A. Jennings

Synopsis: This is a brave story of young bride’s shattered dreams and a prince who transforms into an abusive drunk. Susan tells you how she raised five kids by using her 'mother bear' instinct. Fun stories of teenage kids. Dating again –single comes with 5 kids! The nest now empty, her job is done Susan pursues her own successful career. It is a book with a powerful message of strength and courage for all women. 'This book is a beacon of hope to others who have had similar experiences. Well done' Judge’s commentary from Writer’s Digest Self published Book contest. 113pp. 

ISBN: 0-9680347-6-4

Price: $15.00

Available:,, Baico Book Store 294 Albert St Ottawa

Contact: The author 415 Greenview Av Suite 909 Ottawa On K2B 8G5 613-596-6660

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Jerome, Darren



Rideau Whispers In Stone

Author: Darren Jerome

Synopsis: Sadly, the rich personal experiences of those who built and first worked North America's oldest active canal have been all but lost to history. These stories attempt to revisit the lives of navvies, surveyors, builders, voyageurs, lockmasters and others who shaped a region's not-so-distant past. Faced with perilous working conditions, extreme weather and deadly disease, their humanity and fortitude were arguably as impressive as the waterway itself. 170pp. 

ISBN: 978-0-9812725-0-4

Price: $19.95

Available: Books On Beechwood, Collected Works, Perfect Books,

Contact: The author

Lower Town

Author: Darren Jerome

Lowertown is the home of the fictional Brislin family, and the setting for this narrative. At its heart it is the story of two young Irish brothers, Richard and Hugh, and the paths they take which put them on a collision course during the most vicious period of a city's violent past.

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Johnson, Hazel



RV-ING and Other Adventures North of 60

Author: Hazel Johnson

Synopsis: This book relates the adventurous travel of the author and her spouse through the Canadian North and southern Alaska. You will be swept up in the day-to-day travel experiences as they journey through incredible mountain scenery, unexpected adventure, and meet amusing and interesting folks along the way. You will see the North through their eyes and learn much about its history.
This two-part book takes you on an RV journey through the North in Part One. And in Part Two, Ms Johnson and her spouse travel the Deh Cho Connection by auto that includes Yellowknife and a flight into the Nahanni National Park. The many captivating photos and maps help to illustrate their memorable adventures. 

ISBN: 978-1-926596-10-5

Price: $18.00

Available: Baico Books and Publishing. Also at, and from author.

Contact: The author or see

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Kamra, Ramma



Shubh Sangeet for Indian weddings

Author: Ramma Kamra

Synopsis: Punjabi and Hindi folk songs in Devanagri and Roman scripts. The book also contains a nine-page introduction in English by Ramma Kamra describing North Indian wedding customs. Lyrics of public domain songs. 154pp.

ISBN: 0-9688739-0-1

Price: $12 + Shipping and Handling

Available: Ramma Kamra 6136 Voyageur Drive Ottawa ON K1C 2W3.

Contact: Ramma 613-830-2228



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