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Sabad, Michelle

Camp Follower: One Army Brat's Story

Author: Michele Sabad

Michele Sabad takes us on one army brat’s journey with stories about a childhood in Calgary, Germany, Labrador, and Saskatchewan; becoming a young Air Force wife and Hockey Mom in Edmonton, Kingston, Winnipeg, and Cold Lake; building a career in Information Technology; and finally, settling in a new culture and life in Ottawa and Aylmer, Quebec. Michele’s story will interest, inspire, and enlighten both those who grew up in “the life” and those curious to peek at how this kind of life turned out.



Schubert, Philip

Letters to the Granddaughter: The Story of Dillon Wallace of the Labrador Wild

Author: Philip Schubert

The North seduces you. It can kill you too. Philip Schubert discovered the joys and dangers of travel in trackless wilderness starting in 1999 after reading Dillon Wallace’s "The Lure of the Labrador Wild". He spent a decade retracing the routes in Labrador and northern Quebec described in "The Lure", in Wallace’s follow-on book, "The Long Labrador Trail", and in Mina Hubbard’s "A Woman’s Way Through Unknown Labrador". Nothing in Dillon’s early life as an impoverished youth on a farm suggested that he would still fascinate people nearly 150 years later. Dillon was blessed in fact with “Grit A’Plenty”, which no one would suspect from his unimpressive physique and unsmiling face. He pulled himself up by his bootstraps, rising from gristmill employee, to self-trained telegraph operator, to stenographer, to finally becoming a lawyer. His life from that point on, however, was equal parts tragic and heroic, but continued to be marked by splendid accomplishments.

  • 214 pages

  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (March 8, 2013)

  • Language: English

  • ISBN-10: 1482388448

  • ISBN-13: 978-1482388442

  • Can be found on


Sinclair, Andy

2017 Frank Hegyi Award Finalist

Breathing Lessons

Author: Andy Sinclair

A bold and explicit debut novel by one of the most visceral new voices in gay fiction. Breathing Lessons is the story of Henry Moss, a homosexual everyman whose life knows none of the limitations or abuses his predecessors experienced. When a teenaged Henry came out to his mother, she worried only that he’d be lonely. At the time, he thought her concerns were old-fashioned. Two decades later, he’s had supportive family and friends, he’s well-liked by the athletes who train with him, trusted in his professional life, parties whenever he pleases, and performs all manner of sexual acts with whomever he wants. But as he gets older and, increasingly, the men he sleeps with are married, Henry finds that his mother may have been right. Can he find the lasting intimacy he craves in his life amidst the equal-opportunity freedom afforded by his generation’s openness? Learning to navigate between the two is as delicate as learning to breathe again.

Breathing Lessons is published by Véhicule Press.

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Sulzenko, J.C.



Back to Back Stories for Lilli and Zach

Author: JC Sulzenko

Synopsis: The Dream Mixture and Letters for Lilli make having trouble falling asleep and cleaning up the house into a game. For children 4-6.

ISBN: 0-9685094-1-X

Price: $7.95

Available: Mother Tongue Books, Ottawa - Baico Publishing Consultants Inc. 294 Albert St. Ottawa ON 613-829-5141 Raymond Coderre Publisher

Contact: JC Sulzenko 613-235-4144 Fax: 613-235-0885

Annabella and The TyCoon

Author: JC Sulzenko

Synopsis: Almost 7-year old Annabella's crusade to save her Ottawa school's bands. For children 5-7.

ISBN: 0-9685094-0-1

Price: $6.95

Available: Mother Tongue Books, Ottawa, Baico Publishing Consultants Inc. 294 Albert St. Ottawa ON 613-829-5141 Raymond Coderre Publisher

Contact: JC Sulzenko 613-235-4144 Fax: 613-235-0885

Annabella and the WereWolves of Whale Cove

Author: JC Sulzenko

Synopsis: Annabella's exciting summer holiday on Grand Manan Island uncovers the truth about werewolves. For children 5-7.

ISBN: 0-9685094-2-8

Price: $7.95

Available: Mother Tongue Books, Ottawa, Baico Publishing Consultants Inc. 294 Albert St. Ottawa ON 613-829-5141 Raymond Coderre Publisher

Contact: JC Sulzenko 613-235-4144 Fax: 613-235-0885

Fat poems Tall poems Long poems Small

Author: JC Sulzenko

Synopsis: Poems that rhyme or don't that celebrate how children see and enjoy the world. For children 4-8.

ISBN: 0-9685094-3-6

Price: $11.95

Available: Mother Tongue Books, Ottawa, Kaleidoscope Kids' Books, Ottawa. Baico Publishing Consultants Inc. 294 Albert St. Ottawa ON 613-829-5141 Raymond Coderre Publisher, Baker & Taylor (USA), Novel Idea (Kingston), Agnes Etherington Gallery (Kingston),

Contact: JC Sulzenko 613-235-4144 Fax: 613-235-0885

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Szabo, Louise



Travel Dreams and Nightmares: Four Women Explore the World

Authors: Louise Szabo, Barbara Brown, Jan Jacobson, Wendy Quarry

Title: Travel Dreams and Nightmares: Four Women Explore the World

Authors: Louise Szabo, Barbara Brown, Jan Jacobson, Wendy Quarry

Synopsis: With visits to more than 55 different cities in more than 20 countries, Louise, Barbara, Jan and Wendy have compiled 26 of their favourite travel stories. On roads less traveled to out-of-the-way places, the stories are filled with adventures and mishaps, frustrations and delight and are as diverse, entertaining and enlightening as the countries travelled to. They invite readers in for intimate reflections on what it means to travel – and why they are so drawn in by the planet’s many siren songs. pp. 202. 

ISBN: 978-1-4759-8201-5 (soft cover), 978-1-4759-8203-9 (hard cover), 978-1-4759-8202-2 (Ebook)

Price: Soft cover $18.25, Hard cover $28.95, Ebook $7.69

Available:;; Indigo-Chapters

Contact: Louise Szabo; 613 828 1059

Lucy’s Road Trip – RVing Across Canada

Author: Louise Szabo

Synopsis: Join Louise and Charlie on a road trip across Canada in their temperamental RV, Lucy, as they travel east from Ontario to Cape Breton Island, then head west to Dawson City in the Yukon. Isle Madame provides the perfect setting for a family wedding. The spectacular view from a helicopter over the largest ice fields in Canada overwhelms. The visit to Dawson City, where Louise’s father began his RCMP career, makes her memories of him come to life. A stop-over at her cousins’ farm on the Prairies reminds Charlie that there is indeed a strain of quirkiness in the family. Live their frustrations when Lucy decides to stay put then cheer when she manages to get them to the next town. Share their amazement at the beauty and diversity of the vast landmass that is Canada. pp. 189. 

ISBN: 978-1-77216006-2

Price: $22.95

Available: from author, Louise Szabo, Baico Publishing Consultants Inc. 613-829-5141; Indigo-Chapters

Contact: Louise Szabo;; 613 828 1059

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Tremblay, Raymond D.



Riding the Tides of Life

Author: Raymond D. Tremblay

Synopsis: Greta Ludwig, a 29-year-old Franco-Ontarian and Métis widow, is a successful bookstore owner in Ottawa. Due to the many stressors she encounters in her young life, she experiences a mental breakdown and requires psychiatric hospitalization. Once she is discharged, she is introduced to a psychiatrist who begins to play an important role in her life. To facilitate her recovery, she volunteers at the Shepherds of Good Hope, an organization serving the homeless in Ottawa. Once she regains her self-confidence, she becomes a frontline worker in their men’s shelter but is physically assaulted by one of their residents. Will this incident trigger another manic phase of her underlying illness? Will she be able to return to work with the homeless? Will the support of family, friends, professionals and her unfailing faith in her Creator and Mother Earth be sufficient to give her the strength to cope with life’s future challenges? 206 pp. 

ISBN: 978-0-9865373-2-5

Price: $24

Available: Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood, Ottawa; Teastore, 53 York, Ottawa; author.

Contact:,; 613-746-9926; 907-248 Brittany Dr., Ottawa, K1K 4R2.

Lucky 13 - The Lucky Number of a Citizen of the Métis Nation of Ontario

Author: Raymond D. Tremblay

Synopsis: This autobiography covers the period from my birth (January 16th, 1944) to the summer after my 21st birthday (1965) when I decided to no longer pursue my studies to become a priest. The reason why I titled it "Lucky 13" is because I'm the 13th of 18th children. Various chapters deal with my ancestors; my parents; positive and negative influences during my upbringing; my relationships with my siblings and friends; tragic events that I unfortunately witnessed as a child; some of my most meaningful experiences while I attended elementary school (1949 - 1957), high school (1957 - 1961), and when I went to the Minor Seminary of Ottawa (1961 - 1965). In addition, I provide some information about what made me decide to no longer pursue my studies for the priesthood, and I explain what motivated me to opt for a career in social services. Unfortunately, our family was totally ignorant of our Métis roots and heritage during my youth, a situation which has happily been remedied during the mid-1990s. 132 pp. 

ISBN: 978-0-9919174-0-2

Price: $20 + $5 mailing/handling charges

Available: from the author.

Contact:; 613-746-9926 or 1003-248 Brittany Drive, Ottawa ON K1K 4R2.

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