The submission deadline has now passed.  Submissions will no longer be accepted.  Many thanks to the Anthology contributors for sharing your work.  We look forward to reading all the submissions.  Stay turned for the launch of the 2020 OIW Anthology  in the fall of 2020.  

2020 OIW Members Anthology — Submission Guidelines

Submission deadline: February 29, 2020

All submissions must be sent to:

(Editorial coordinator Gena Watteel will acknowledge receipt.)

We are looking for submissions of original fiction/non-fiction, poetry, and scripts for stage, screen or radio. Only one submission per member will be considered.


Submission Guidelines

  • Maximum 3,000 words (prose); Maximum 250 lines (poetry/scripts)

  • An original work, not previously published

  • A finished work, not a draft

  • All text; no images

  • Microsoft Word software, or easily convertible file

  • Text left justified for prose/poetry; Standard formatting for scripts. (e.g. Final Draft)

  • No bold or ALL CAPS in titles

  • Format: 8.5″ x 11.0″

  • Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font

  • Tabs at 0.25″

  • One space between sentences

  • No space after the period at the end of a paragraph

  • No space between paragraphs

  • One space between sections; no section-break symbols


Manuscripts will be returned to authors for reworking if they do not follow these basic specifications.


Click here for our helpful Style Guide:


Assessment and Editing

  • All submissions will be assessed for inclusion by an editorial board.  Submission does not guarantee publication in the Anthology.

  • Successful submissions will be ranked in three levels:

    • Copy editing only: manuscript will be copy edited and returned to author for final approval before setting in page format

    • Minor editing: manuscript will be edited and returned to author for discussion and feedback

    • More interventive editing: manuscript will be returned to author with suggestions for reworking and resubmission

  • Editing will be done in electronic format using Microsoft Word Track Changes

  • Once editing is completed, page proofs will be submitted to all authors for proofreading and sign-off prior to publication


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