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2020 OIW Members Anthology — Submission Guidelines

Submission deadline: February 29, 2020

All submissions must be sent to:

(Editorial coordinator Gena Watteel will acknowledge receipt.)

We are looking for submissions of original fiction/non-fiction, poetry, and scripts for stage, screen or radio. Only one submission per member will be considered.


Submission Guidelines

  • Maximum 3,000 words (prose); Maximum 250 lines (poetry/scripts)

  • An original work, not previously published

  • A finished work, not a draft

  • All text; no images

  • Microsoft Word software, or easily convertible file

  • Text left justified for prose/poetry; Standard formatting for scripts. (e.g. Final Draft)

  • No bold or ALL CAPS in titles

  • Format: 8.5″ x 11.0″

  • Double spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font

  • Tabs at 0.25″

  • One space between sentences

  • No space after the period at the end of a paragraph

  • No space between paragraphs

  • One space between sections; no section-break symbols


Manuscripts will be returned to authors for reworking if they do not follow these basic specifications.


Click here for our helpful Style Guide:


Assessment and Editing

  • All submissions will be assessed for inclusion by an editorial board.  Submission does not guarantee publication in the Anthology.

  • Successful submissions will be ranked in three levels:

    • Copy editing only: manuscript will be copy edited and returned to author for final approval before setting in page format

    • Minor editing: manuscript will be edited and returned to author for discussion and feedback

    • More interventive editing: manuscript will be returned to author with suggestions for reworking and resubmission

  • Editing will be done in electronic format using Microsoft Word Track Changes

  • Once editing is completed, page proofs will be submitted to all authors for proofreading and sign-off prior to publication